Frequently Asked Questions

What is Barnett Management?
Barnett Management is a division of Personnel Staffing Group (DBA’ing as MVP & MVP Staffing). Barnett Management has been in business since 1999 and specializes in landscaping work and all types of golf course maintenance. Headquartered in Florida, Barnett Management has branches throughout the state and has jobs throughout the country.
What is Barnett Management’s relationship with MVP?
Barnett Management is owned by Personal Staffing Group (DBA’ing as MVP & MVP Staffing). Barnett Management is one of four different divisions of MVP Staffing. Barnett Management handles all the golf course maintenance and landscaping jobs throughout the country.
What is MVP?
MVP (also known as MVP Staffing) is a privately held company, headquartered in Illinois, with clients in the temporary staffing, professional placement, managed services and landscaping/golf course maintenance industries. MVP has branches located throughout the U.S. and currently services clients in 44 states.
What kind of work is mostly performed by BARNETT MANAGEMENT?
The main work performed by Barnett Management employees involves greens & bunker maintenance, mowing, fertilization/aeration, pin placements, storm recovery and sodding/mulching.
How do I apply for a temp position with BARNETT MANAGEMENT?
To apply for, an associate you walk into any one of our branches, call corporate support to set up an interview, or submit your information via this website. All details can be found through the “Contact” tab at the top of the website or on Barnett Management’s home page by clicking “Work For Us.”
Is there training offered if I want to learn how to work for BARNETT MANAGEMENT?
Most clients want employees who have outside work experience. As far as specific course work, clients will train the employees to work exactly how they want them to work. Each course could be slightly different when it comes to day-to-day operations, but in general, most of the work is very similar from course to course.
What can I wear to work?
Depending on the season and the weather, appropriate clothing is required. That will differ based on location and the exact type of work required for the job. This specific question will be addressed prior to starting the job.
What if I do not have transportation, can I still work for BARNETT MANAGEMENT?
Depending on the job site location, Barnett Management might provide transportation for you. Prior to starting a job, this will be discussed with the operations team.
Do I get a break during my shift?
Timing and number of breaks differs based on each client/job. This will be addressed prior to accepting any specific job between Barnett Management and the employee.
Does BARNETT MANAGEMENT offer health benefits?
BARNETT MANAGEMENT offers health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). To find out more, please ask your local Barnett Management corporate employee.
Does BARNETT MANAGEMENT have flexible shift hours?
Shift hours and days depend on the job. This will be addressed prior to accepting a specific job with Barnett Management.
Does BARNETT MANAGEMENT offer steady work?
BARNETT MANAGEMENT has steady work available all year round. Project length can range from weeks to years. Hard, dependable workers always have a job opportunity with Barnett Management.
Does BARNETT MANAGEMENT offer any other type of work besides landscaping and golf course maintenance?
Light industrial jobs (ie warehouse work) is offered in certain locations. Most light industrial work is based out of the Tampa area. If you are interested in additional work, please inquire with your local Barnett Management corporate employee.
Where are the BARNETT MANAGEMENT branches?
Barnett Management has offices throughout Florida. Those can be found on the “Contact” page, located at the top of the website. Barnett Management is in growth mode and is always looking to open up new locations throughout Florida.
Can BARNETT MANAGEMENT be hired in other states outside of Florida?
Barnett Management has clients scattered throughout the country. If you are looking for landscaping or golf maintenance work, please contact us via the Home Page by clicking, “Hire Us.” If we cannot service the account, we have sister companies scattered throughout the U.S. who can handle it with us.
If I want to hire Barnett Management to perform maintenance on our property, how do I hire you?
To hire Barnett Management to work on your property, please click on the “Hire Us” button located on the home page of Barnett Management’s website: You can also call our corporate office. That number can be found in the “Contact” page located at the top of the website.
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