Positive outlook for the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry took a drastic turn this year due to the Pandemic, impacting staffinglevels, and budgets. In response, companies are taking a new approach and implementing newprocesses for the safety of employees. Here are three ways companies adapt to the new normaland maintain the hospitality industry’s flow.

  • Sanitation​ - Companies are improving their safety and health protocols in response to the CDC requirements. These include reducing density and abiding by social distancing guidelines. Easily accessible sanitation stations are throughout the facilities to be utilized 24/7 and readily available protective gear for employees, including face masks and face shields. To learn more, the CDC has created a step by step manual on how to ​Clean and Disinfect Your Facilit​y​.
  • Technology - In addition to temperature checks before entering facilities, companies have created unique ways to interact with guests to ensure safety. Companies are moving to contactless check-ins with automation and fast-tracking technologies such as digital keys and voice-activated digital assistants. This way, businesses can minimize contact between guests and staff amid the coronavirus pandemic. Social media has also been an excellent way for companies to keep up engagement with guests and employees. Since we’ve transitioned out of the applicant’s economy, companies have been focusing on unique ways to maximize their brand and tell their story to attract top tier talent.
  • Staffing - There has been a spike in staffing as companies recruit to build a pipeline of qualified candidates to keep in the rotation for newly opened roles. Staffing firms have utilized technology to create a contactless recruitment process by sourcing applicants from the leading job platforms and social media, quickly moving them through an applicant tracking system and conducting virtual interviews. This contactless process keeps future hires engaged with features like text reminders, digital onboarding, and email capability. It has also allowed companies to interact with active and passive job seekers with new or future employment opportunities.

Although the year started rocky, things are slowly improving for the hospitality industry, and employees are ready to get back to work. Here at Barnett Management, safety is our number one priority. We take extra precaution in our staff’s health, and due to that, we require a complete health screening before sending an employee off to their new opportunity. Having been in the staffing industry since 1999, we have built a healthy pipeline of over 1,500 qualified candidates who are locally sourced and fully trained. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are ready to handle your recruitment needs. Whether it consists of staffing or HR admin, we’re here to lend a helping hand. Contact us today to learn more.